Founded in 2016, AFRAMROOTS was created after discovering the desolation of reliable educational resources for African Americans, which has directly effected their stagnancy, dependency, and repression in the United States. AFRAMROOTS aims to fulfill the societal need in addressing the issues and highlighting the accomplishments within Black communities, since they don't get the attention or media coverage deserved. ​We operate on and promote 3 basic principles: know your past, get involved in your now, and help build your future while helping others do the same. 

We believe African Americans are neglected in learning about their history in the United States. During public K-12 education, the contributions to the birth and development of America, by African Americans, are either left out or are briefly taught during Black History Month (February). Most lessons taught are one-dimensional and extremely confined in subject matter. In college, education about Black history is usually only available when taking specific courses related to the subject, and are left out of general history classes. Reputable history books in the United States include African Americans minimally, usually identifying only a handful of leaders, while most online resources are outdated and lack consistent accessibility. AFRAMROOTS is a reliable resource for educating Blacks in America about their history, starting in 1492 when Columbus explored America, up to the events occurring in present day. AFRAMROOTS believes that if we don't know our past, it is impossible to fully understand how we got to the state we are in today, let alone demand improvements. 

We believe once African Americans have been educated about their history, they should get involved in various events and activities that effect them and their communities. Many want to see progress and change in their neighborhoods, but don't know how to achieve it. Achieving it is possible by getting active in the decision making processes and having your voice heard by the people who make those decisions. AFRAMROOTS is a reliable portal of information for where and how African Americans can get active in their communities, to directly make a difference in improving their quality of life.

We believe that once African Americans have been thoroughly educated about their history, and are involved in current activities that effect their immediate quality of life, they should further develop themselves, their neighborhoods, and other Blacks in America. Doing so is possible by networking with other determined African Americans that have similar goals and interests, by utilizing quality resources that are available, and by encouraging unified evolvement. AFRAMROOTS is your host for finding quality events that either educate, develop, or cater to African Americans, as well as a provider of useful resources that will help change the negative normalcies inflicted on the Black community.  



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