2000 Presidential election, dot-com bubble, September 11th attacks and wars, Black athletes, Hurricane Katrina, housing bubble, reality TV, Barack Obama, police brutality and elevated violence

"Reconstruction" period, new titles for slavery roles, minstrel-shows and media portrayal, The Great Migration, Black enterprise, White rejection and violence, opportunities in Europe

Stereotypes, segregation, integration, resistance and protests, civil rights activism, the CIA and FBI, Blacks in the Vietnam War, Blaxploitation, opportunities in entertainment


The demand and capture of Africans for slavery, holding periods, en route to the Americas via the Middle Passage, auction, slave life, and the two wars fought over Black enslavement

Living conditions, culture, society, religion, spirituality, traditions, and lifestyle of African Americans when they were still in their native lands, in Africa



Ronald Reagan, Reaganomics, crack cocaine epidemic, HIV/AIDS epidemic, birth of hip-hop, revival of the Black community, police brutality, media distractions, new forms of Black genocide