Innovative Workforce Solutions

ARIZONA@WORK is here to help job seekers. We have the services and programs you need to find, prepare for, and keep the right job. Every day, we help people all around Arizona—of all ages and skill levels—connect with employment opportunities in a variety of industries. 

Their #1 job is helping job seekers find employment. If you need assistance, click here 


Family Health Partnership

Arizona Family Health Partnership is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to making reproductive healthcare and education available and accessible to all women, men and teens in Arizona, even if they lack health insurance or money.  

Visit the AZ Family Health Partnership website to learn more about their mission and services

Credit Counseling Agencies

Learn more information on credit counseling agencies that operate in Arizona. The non-profits can offer consumers and homeowners a number of assistance programs. Get help in the form of debt consolidation, foreclosure prevention, budgeting, and more. 

Learn more about these non-profit organizations in AZ that help thousands of individuals get out of debt 


Fiscal Fitness

Fiscal Fitness was born out of a passion to help individuals take control over their money, stop the worrying and reduce the stress so they can focus on other things.

Learn more about Fiscal Fitness here

Learn about health issues  that commonly and primarily effect African Americans - such as vitamin deficiency and treatment, sickle cell research, diabetes, colon health, PTSD and ADHD - as well as tips for hair and beauty, weight loss, healthy cooking habits and recipes, fitnesses, and more. 

VisitBlackDoctor.organd learn how they have become a trusted resource for health in the Black Community


Free SAT and Test Prep

Get a competitive edge by learning the key strategies to taking the SAT exam. Our instructors will review required content knowledge in math, reading and writing, will help identify your strengths and weaknesses, and more!

Learn more about test preparation services offered at The University of Arizona 


Financial Aid for Black Students

Affordability is a concern for all college-bound students, especially African Americans. Fortunately a number of scholarships and financial aid opportunities are earmarked specifically for us. 

Click here to read more on what financial assistance is available for Black students

Steps to Launch Your Business in Arizona

There are many important rules and procedures that must be addressed when starting your own business. Learn 10 steps needed to launch your business in Arizona, along with links to read more about taxes, the ADOR and more.  

Click here to get a step closer into becoming an entrepreneur in Arizona


Free and Income-Based Clinics

View a detailed list free and income-based health clinics, public health department clinics, community health centers that have been located in/near Phoenix, AZ. The majority of these clinics are for low-income persons or those without insurance.

Visit the Free Clinics website to learn more information and to learn about other locations 


HBCU 101

Considering an HBCU? From what to consider to applying to life at a Black College, this free fun guide will help you as you begin your HBCU journey.

Get the HBCU 101 guide here 


Pure Health and Wellness 

Pure Health & Wellness Center was designed around the knowledge that we are all individuals with unique wants and needs as a person. We are NOT all square pegs that fit nicely into square holes. We need individual attention and treatment options available that cater the specific demands of our bodies 

Click hereto learn more about Pure Health and Wellness center and their treatment options 

Arizona Job Training Programs 

Arizona provides several services to individuals that are seeking a job or who are looking to gain new skills. Some of the programs available include job training, career counseling, workforce development, and assistance with conducting job searches.  

​Most of the services are offered for free at Career Centers - learn more here 


Financial Aid for AZ Students

The mission of the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education (ACPE) is to expand access and increase successes in postsecondary education for Arizonans.  

Learn more about financial aid programs and services for Arizona students


Mental Health Support 

Mental Health America (MHA) is the nation's leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting the overall mental health of all Americans. They offer prevention services, intervention for those at risk, as well as treatment. 

Learn more aboutMHA programs and services that help Americans fight thru mental illness

Child Care Services

The purpose of DES Child Care is to assist eligible families with child care costs, enabling parents to participate in employment and specific education and training activities related to employment, and more. 

Learn about qualifications and other details for child care services by clicking here 

Top Grants for Minority Business Owners 

Every year billions of dollars are awarded in the form of free money and other types of funding. Most people know this money exists, but just don’t know where to apply, how much they qualify for, or even where to get an application. 

Find out the top ten grants available to minority owned businesses, and how to reach them